Early Childhood Woodwork Association

We had a dedicated website – but at the moment it just proved too much to keep maintained due to all the other work pressures of teaching especially with Covid. For the meantime, Pete is hosting this page on his website.

Woodwork – Building a foundation for lifelong learning

Formed in 2016, The Early Childhood Woodwork Association was established to promote woodworking practice in Early Years education.


“The advancement of quality education through the promotion of woodwork in Early Years education to enable all children to benefit from the increased opportunities for high quality learning and development”

The Early Childhood Woodwork Association aims to works towards:

  • Communicating a strong, clear vision of quality woodworking practice in Early Years education.
  • Developing and providing training opportunities for teachers and all staff in Early Years.
  • Increasing opportunities for young people to experience woodwork in the UK and overseas.
  • Providing a central point for collecting, storing and sharing information about Woodwork practice in Early Years education. Stimulate, store and share practitioner and academic research and learn from it.
  • Raising funds to help promote the many benefits of woodwork to a wider audience and thereby enabling more children to benefit from the opportunity.
  • Ensuring safe practice is always prioritised

The association is based at St Werburgh’s Park Nursery School in Bristol and is run by a small dedicated executive committee. The work of the association is still under development and has currently been impacted by the external demands of adjusting to the pandemic.

Current Executive committee members:

Chairman: Pete Moorhouse
General Secretary: Liberty Fletcher-Gardiner
Treasurer: Jessica Grace White
Committee member: Lucy Freeman

Membership is available to all –complete this website contact form if you would like to become a member and subscribe to the newsletter:

For more info: studio@petemoorhouse.co.uk

Based at:
St. Werburgh’s Park Nursery School
Glenfrome Road