‘Outdoor Environments’ booklet – free

Outdoor environments – Developing outdoor learning spaces by Pete Moorhouse “Embracing outdoor learning will contribute greatly to giving children the best start in life – benefiting their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.” This booklet provides inspiration and tips for...read more

‘Learning Outdoors’ booklet – free

Learning Outdoors – Building a solid foundation through nature by Pete Moorhouse with contributions from Jan White, Kathryn Solly and Jon Cree This booklet details the pedagogy behind outdoor learning and its importance for every setting. Published 2019 by Community...read more

Early Years 360° Environment Audit – free

Early Years 360 Environment Audit – Comprehensive environment audit form This enabling environment audit is designed to provide a framework with which to evaluate the current environment from all perspectives and focus attention on areas that require improvement.  Current research...read more