The Big Bang Research Project

Download the survey here:

Big Bang Research Survey

Researching the Impact of Woodwork Provision in Early Years Education

I am currently undertaking research at the University of Bristol, into the impact woodwork has on children’s learning and development in Early Childhood Education.

I really need your help to get a clear picture of how woodwork provision is looking in early childhood education. This is the first quantitative research study into woodwork provision in Early Years education both in the UK and around the world.

I’m asking if you could please complete the attached research survey – either fill, save and email back or print and post. Details are on the form. Your contribution would be hugely appreciated and is important in order to make a difference by enabling more young children to experience the wonders of woodwork.

The intention is that we can evidence the rich learning and development and promote woodwork to wider audience and also attract funding to enable this. We have established a charity, the Early Years Woodwork Association and this will be developed to promote woodwork to help facilitate this mission.

Please note:  All data will be held in accordance to GDPR (2018) and all information is strictly confidential. No judgement will made in any way about your provision. All setting names will be removed from published research papers. Research adheres to BERA’s Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research

The form is pretty simple – lots of check boxes – hopefully it can also be helpful exercise for you to reflect on your current provision. Please allow 10-15 minutes.

Thank you so much – The early years community rocks!

Kind regards, Pete Moorhouse
Researcher, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Bristol

Download the survey here:

Big Bang Research Survey