Learning Through Woodwork

My latest book, Learning Through Woodwork: Introducing Creative Woodwork in the Early Years in now available!

“Every so often a book is written that helps practitioners to develop their work in deep and far reaching ways. This is that sort of book.” Tina Bruce CBE

This essential guide provides clear and comprehensive support for those looking to introduce creative woodwork into early years settings. With theory, practical advice, stunning colour images and case studies, the book will inspire practitioners to embrace woodwork and encourage children’s independent creative learning.

Focusing on the numerous benefits that working with wood offers young children, from boosting their self-esteem and problem-solving skills, to enhancing their communication and social development, the author draws on over 25 years of experience to discuss each and every aspect of establishing woodwork in the early years curriculum. Including practical information on materials and tools, staff training, and health and safety advice, this go-to guide provides a treasure trove of ideas to engage children at various stages of development, drawing the maximum benefit from working with wood and tools.

Both inspiring and informative, Learning Through Woodwork will become an essential tool for early years practitioners and teachers wishing to explore and develop woodwork provision.

Available direct from Routledge and Amazon

You can also purchase this book with  20% discount from www.bookseducation.co.uk email richardmyers.bookseducation@gmail.com quoting ECO/JAN. This discount has been arranged by Jan White at Early Childhood Outdoors https://www.earlychildhoodoutdoors.org/