Physical anatomical development through woodwork

This handout looks at the general physical development and detailed anatomical development through woodwork:


Woodwork provides many opportunities for physical development as children learn to handle tools safely and with increasing control.

Woodwork helps children to:

  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Develop body coordination
  • Learn to handle tools safely with increasing control
  • Refine balance to develop the poise and stance
  • Develop agility and dexterity, manipulative skills, and muscular strength
  • Develop fine manipulative motor skills
  • Develop gross motor skills
  • Develop rich range of movements
  • Develop precision and accuracy
  • Develop their core strength
  • Develop muscle tone, appropriate tension and balance
  • Develop sensory awareness
  • Develop spatial awareness and associated positional language
  • Develop understanding of physical space and needs of others
  • Use a range of small and large equipment/tools



  • become aware of dangers, hazards and safety issues
  • begin to understand how important it is to lift, carry, place and use equipment safely.
  • Develop awareness for the need of the safety of others