Woodwork progression within Primary Schools

A brief guide for teacher ( full content with CPD) This guide is aimed at schools that are planning to embed woodwork throughout their year groups. Building upon learning in previous years, it offers a logical progression of tools and...read more

Una introducción a la carpintería en la Primera Infancia

Una introducción a la carpintería en la Primera Infancia Aprendizaje a través del hacer   de Pete Moorhouse   Pensando en el hacer… ¡Mientras los niños trabajan con madera, aprenden habilidades que los empoderarán para moldear su mundo! Pete Moorhouse ¡Carpintería...read more

Workbenches – A look at all the options (UK)

Workbenches are essential items for woodwork. They must have a vice – that’s the whole point – to hold wood firm for sawing. They need to be as robust as possible so they do not wobble at all – this...read more

Charcoal as drawing material

This handout explains how to make your own charcoal. You could just char wood in an open fire but much better to make your own real charcoal! Wood, in the form of charcoal, has been used across the ages for a...read more

Froebel and woodwork

This pamphlet published by the Froebel Trust provides an Froebelian approach to woodwork. Woodwork brings together play and creativity, nurturing a young child’s self-confidence and wellbeing. This new pamphlet  is aimed at all those who work with, care for and...read more

Woodwork and sustainability

In this resource I take a look at the role woodwork can play in achieving greater sustainability, and how we can utilise woodwork to enhance our understanding of the wider environment....read more

Make your own workbench!

Here’s some inspiration to make your own workbench! These are not very detailed instructions but at least give you an idea of how to make a solid sturdy workbench – and most importantly one that can withstand a bit of...read more

Woodwork – Nail and Screws

This resource provides all the information you need to know about the most suitable nails and screws for young children...read more

Physical anatomical development through woodwork

This handout looks at the general physical development and detailed anatomical development through woodwork:   Woodwork provides many opportunities for physical development as children learn to handle tools safely and with increasing control. Woodwork helps children to: Develop hand-eye coordination...read more

Woodwork – Soft start – Balsa wood and other materials

With young children – especially 3-4-(5) year olds it makes a big difference to experience woodwork by initially starting with a soft material. By starting with a soft material children can master skills and techniques easily and gain confidence. If...read more