Learning and Development -mind map

This resource provides a matrix of all the associated learning and development – woodwork – a truly cross-curricular activity...read more

Health , Safety and Risk guidance

This document contains general advice from the DfE, HSE and some quotes from Amanda Speilman of OFSTED...read more

Girl Power (Tools) Booklist!

GIRL POWER (TOOLS) BOOKLIST!   Children’s books with positive messages about girls making and inventing, especially using tools. This booklist especially for girls who like to make – book characters can be powerful role models – you can’t be what...read more

Gallery of creative woodwork

It’s hard not to get excited about children’s self expression through woodwork and it’s wonderful to see the breadth of explorations….but this comes with a warning – remember it’s not really about what children make – it’s the changes that...read more

Example letter to parents

I suggest letting parents know in advance that you are going to be doing woodwork as occasionally a parent may be shocked to discover that their child will be using real tools. It’s good to reassure them that you will...read more

Top 20 woodwork tips for early years

Here are my top 20 tips for woodwork with young children!...read more

Woodwork – Learning outcomes

This resource is a list of just some of the many learning outcomes associated with woodwork. I have just brainstormed this list – there is no hierarchy of importance  – I think the list really goes to emphasise the rich...read more

Gallery of example woodwork areas

Below is a selection of woodworking areas around the world. This will be added to over time. (started March 2018) Please share your woodwork set up – help inspire others – email me an image studio@petemoorhouse.co.uk Sunflower Nursery Fife Scotland...read more

Woodwork booklist

  Books for children:  Fiction Klinting, Lars (2005) Harvey the Carpenter, US: Kingfisher Books. Portis, Antoinette (2009) Not a Stick, London: HarperCollins. Toni Buzzeo and Jim Datz.  Whose Tools? Abrams Appleseed New York Sarah Garland Eddie’s Toolbox Frances Lincoln Children’s...read more

Froebel and the Occupation of Woodwork

Froebel and Woodwork The Froebelian Occupation of Woodwork: A symbolic language of shape, form and space           The earliest records of woodwork with young children come from the pioneering work of Friedrich Froebel (1782–1852), the founder...read more