Woodwork booklist


Books for children:


Klinting, Lars (2005) Harvey the Carpenter, US: Kingfisher Books.

Portis, Antoinette (2009) Not a Stick, London: HarperCollins.

Toni Buzzeo and Jim Datz.  Whose Tools? Abrams Appleseed New York

Sarah Garland Eddie’s Toolbox Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

Chris Monroe Monkey with a tool belt  Carolrhonda Books

Harriet Ziefert Does a woodpecker use a hammer? Blue Apple Books



Taro Miura Tools Chronicle kids books

Aaron Meshon Tools rule!  Atheneun books

Edwards, Nicola and Jane Harris (2003) Wood: Exploring the Science of Everyday Materials, London: A&C Black.

Hughes, Monica (2004) What is a Forest?, US: Heinemann Library.

Langley, Andrew (2008) Wood, London: Crabtree Publishing Company.

Llewellyn, Claire (2004) Wood, Mankato, MN: Franklin Watts.

Nelson, Robin (2012) What Does a Saw Do?, Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Publications.

Nelson, Robin (2012) What Does a Hammer Do?, Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Publications.

Nelson, Robin (2012) What Does a Screwdriver Do?, Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Classroom.

Oxlade, Chris (2005) Wood, Oxford: Heinemann-Raintree.

Pluckrose, Henry (2003) Find Out About: Wood, London: Franklin Watts Ltd.


Children’s books challenging stereotypes



Beaty, Andrea (2013) Rosie Revere, Engineer, New York: Abrams Books for Young Readers.

Kügler, Tina and Carson Kügler (2015) In Mary’s Garden, Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin.

Schwartz, Coren Rosen and Rebecca J. Gomez (2015) What About Moose?, United States: Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

Spires, Ashley (2017) The Most Magnificent Thing, Toronto: Kids Can Press.

Underwood, Deborah (2015) Interstella Cinderella, San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books.

Steve Breen Violet the Pilot Puffin Books USA