Pete awarded Winston Churchill Fellowship

Pete Moorhouse, an artist educator from Bristol, will be travelling to Finland, New Zealand, Sweden and the USA to research best practice in  woodwork in early childhood education. Pete’s Churchill Fellowship is supported by the Dr Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation.

“Most children in the UK never touch tools in their entire education. A whole generation is missing out on the rich development opportunities that practical work with tools provides.” “I am passionate about the opportunities that woodwork provides for young children. It is a truly cross-curricular activity, encompassing all areas of learning and development, and can really play a central role in education. Woodwork is exceptional for developing children’s creative and critical thinking skills, as they tinker and experiment with the possibilities of wood and tools, and then go on to express ideas and resolve their work” –Pete Moorhouse

Early years teaching


“Churchill Fellows search the world for ways to improve their communities and professions.”

Over the next 12 months, they will travel the world and research cutting-edge solutions to important topical issues.

These 150 Fellows include people from all walks of life, researching topics across a broad range of sectors, from housing to nursing, science to education.

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