EYELA Teaching School Alliance – Woodwork CPD

Looking to Introduce Woodwork into your Curriculum?

Join Pete Moorhouse to engage in this inspiring and practical session.

Wednesday 21st February 2018 : 1.00 – 4.00pm

EYELA Room, Pickhurst Infant Academy, Pickhurst Lane, West Wickham BR4 0HL

Woodwork is hugely popular and provides a rich source of enjoyment as well as learning. The impact is profound and long term. Deep levels of engagement and intense concentration are common and children often remain involved in their explorations for extended periods, impacting on the PSED skills.  Woodworking allows children many opportunities including; expressing their imagination, problem solving and sustained perseverance with challenging tasks. The learning outcomes have been remarkable and encompass all areas of the EYFS. Children’s physical skills, both gross and fine motor are developed as they learn to saw, screw, nail and drill.

This practical workshop will look at ways in which woodworking can be safely introduced in your early years settings. We will look at the theory and how woodwork meets many learning and development aspects of the EYFS. We will examine the historical context and look at examples from other countries that have been working successfully with wood for many years. There will be explanations of the most suitable tools for young children and instruction on how best to use them. Information on potential suppliers of wood/ tools and explanations on how to set up a woodworking area will be provided. .Suggestions for activities, open-ended explorations and longer term projects will be shared.

There will be a practical session for practitioners to explore the tools, gain confidence and share the experience of making creations in wood.


From this course you will:

  • Understand the value and theory of woodwork.
  • Learn about the historical context of woodwork.
  • Understand the potential of woodwork for creativity and critical thinking.
  • Learn how to introduce woodwork safely, implementing an effective risk assessment.
  • Understand the most suitable tools for young children and how to use them.
  • Be confident to develop a woodworking area.
  • Know where to buy the most appropriate tools and materials.

Who should attend?

Early Years Leaders, Manager, Teachers and Practitioners.


Pete Moorhouse is an Artist Educator and Early Years Consultant. He is an associate trainer for Early Education and is an Honorary Research fellow at The Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol researching creative and critical thinking in early years. He is the author of several journal articles and books and a Member of ICEnet – the International   Creative Education Network.

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